Dark Archons

I just love it when I sneak into the opponent’s base and kidnap (?) an SCV or a Drone using the infamous Dark Archon. Also, Feedback is just amazing. Using it, you can get rid of those pesky Science Vessels easily.

But I think that all of these would be gone in Starcraft 2. Blizzard got rid of Dark Archon :'(. That means no more of mind controlling and Feedbacks.
I think the reason why Blizzard took Dark Archons away is because they can be REALLY cheap. For example, if a Dark Archon took away and SCV, eventually the Protoss player could get Thor and the Mothership, which will be devastating.
The main point is that I want the Dark Archons in SC2. Dark Archons forever! (But that’s not gonna change anything. LOL.)


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